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Clarendon Jamaica is one of the most popular parishes on the island. Many people actively search for homes in Clarendon Jamaica to purchase, lease and even rent. The parish is divided into six major parts, Central, North Central, North Western, Northern, South Eastern and South Western. Houses in these areas have several aspects in common. Primarily they have lots of land space, are fairly close to the road and have great scenery. We rank this parish as the 5th best parish and location to live in. The capital town in the parish is May Pen which is where most of the commercial activity takes place. You can benefit from a rapidly growing community in the parish by taking up commercial offers as well.

Clarendon Central
We consider this the best place to find and locate houses for sale in Clarendon Jamaica. With large communities such as May Pen West, May Pen North, May Pen East and Denbigh. These areas have lots of low cost of cheap land for sale. Though the properties are relatively close to the main town, most investors that buy property in the parish target homes far away from the town and closer to the south beach coast. Smaller more popular districts include Sevens, Stewarton, Threadlight, Weston Park, Logans Junction, Effortville, Farm, Frenton and Stevenswood. If you are looking for an apartment, 2 storeys or 3 storey residential homes, then these are great areas to start looking.

Clarendon North Central
Home to the three large communities of Mocho, Rock River and Chapleton, this area is superb for nht houses for sale Clarendon. We have viewed many lists that have been published by the National housing trust and they have shown many foreclosed properties on Jamaica that fall in the parish and typically these locations and districts. Residential property in these communities are close to what is known as the Cockpit country and hence are strong in terms of greenery that surround lots that may be up for sale and or lease. If you are a lover of ecology then definitely this is a prospective area that you would want to buy land.

Clarendon North Western
The North West region is ever closer to the massive limestone areas which are abound with springs and underground rivers and streams. Due to these natural occurrences there is an effect on the cost of houses for sale in Clarendon Jamaica. The communities of Spaulding, Ritchie’s, Franklin and Thompson Town are absolutely superb to live in as they border the most natural ecosystem that Jamaica has. However this has hampered the prices that these properties can be bought or sold for. Considerations on soil, vegetation, erosion and possibility of expansion all are hindrances to a solid asking price and offer. Notably many realtors believe that due to the close proximity to a government protected region, your property might be seen as an infringement or threat to the ecosystem and be removed to protect it, or at the very least affect what you can do in your home severely limiting your lifestyle demands.

Clarendon Northern
Crofts Hill, Kellits and Aenon Town are in the northernmost region of the parish and during the last property auction Clarendon, Jamaica there were several houses that were made available for sale. Homes in these areas are perfect for many investors that want to create ecotourism villas and developments. This is why many auctions of both land and buildings have been taken advantage of in these regions. Known as the untouched paradise, these areas have not been affected but too much development and have very little crime in these locations. Crime in Clarendon Jamaica is not boosted by any happenings in these areas. Property tax in Clarendon is lowest in these communities as well due to the fact that they carry the lowest market value in the parish. As valuations are prepared and documented by Land Valuation Services.

Clarendon South Eastern
Homes in Clarendon Jamaica are only helped by the fact that communities such as Palmers Cross, Mineral Heights, Hayes and Rocky Point have some of the highest valued properties in the island. Rocky Point sports some of the best beach front property in Clarendon Jamaica. This leads to added value in these properties and results in increased investor attention. Though crime statistics are fairly high comparatively to the rest of Clarendon Jamaica this location still leaves some leeway to conduct some form of commercial and industrial developments. One major problem is that roadways are not developed and this might prove some hindrance. As with most south coast real estate in Jamaica there has been a lack of development of local infrastructure and hence real estate listings in Clarendon Jamaica have not been as prevalent as its sister parish of Manchester. However we still rate the parish and these specific communities as higher end locations.

Clarendon South Western
If you are looking for a house for rent Clarendon, Jamaica then good communities to start looking are Toll Gate, York Town, Milk River and Race Course. Undoubtedly if you can locate any property in Milk River then it will be a good buy. A major Jamaican tourist attraction is the Milk River Bath. A hot spot of a location that we highly recommend that is perfect for to find prime property for sale in Clarendon Jamaica is Toll Gate. As a result of a lot of vehicular traffic that flows through this community and Jamaican food restaurant or modern convenience store would be an excellent business idea. Office space for rent is also of good interest in these areas as due to major commerce you have relatively high levels of employment so the latter would be an excellent idea. Many real estate agents in Clarendon concur with our description and estimation in property values and good spots to buy or build your home in the parish.

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