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Westmoreland is the parish that is well known because of the resort town of Negril. This location pales all other communities, even the major town of Savanna-la-Mar, typically referred to as ‘Sav’. Houses and lands available for sale in Westmoreland are usually centered on the western coast, but recently other areas have began to show signs of life in driving up the demand for property purchases in the community. Locations such as Petersfield and Frome have been home to some attractive homes in Westmoreland.

Homes In Westmoreland
Bethel Town
Cornwall Mountain
Grange Hill
Little London
Sav-la-Mar North
Whitehouse (White House)

The parish earns its entire sustenance on agriculture and to a lesser extent lumber. The unfortunate fact is that the hotels and villas are all concentrated in one location which is the resort town. Apartments for rent in Westmoreland Jamaica can be found in other popular areas such as Savanna-La-Mar north and Cornwall Mountain. Though the latter is rural there does exist several motel type locations that have adequate accommodations for short term rentals. Areas such as Darliston and Bethel Town are also other prime locations that can be used when developing real estate.

Leamington which straddles the border of St. Elizabeth is seen as prime Jamaica property as well. As an investor one can access a mortgage quite easily to purchase any vacant lots in the area. This can be easily done by approaching any of the popular mortgage companies such as Scotiabank Building Society (SJBS), Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) and National Housing Trust (NHT). Beachfront homes for sale in Westmoreland Jamaica can be found mostly in the region of Whitehouse. In fact in the past this area was one of the largest fishing villages and even today has one of the best fishing hauls across the island. These properties tend to be quite expensive to the ordinary investor. However it is a solid investment that can yield a very high capitalization rate.

Jamaica real estate in the parish of Westmoreland with places like Negril
Many other investors normally scoff at locations such as this but in recent years many have been seeing success with real estate appreciation running as high as 30% over a 24 month period. This due to just some new infrastructure in the form of roads that would have been laid in and around the location of the property. Building a house in Westmoreland Jamaica is quite a different prospect these days. There must be complete adherence to rules laid out by the parish councils, along with getting the loot to be fully serviced. This means that at the very least light and power, water supply, sewage treatment, telephone and other communication methods and finally entertainment must be provided for on the lot.

This does not matter the size or acreage of the property without these amenities the property is nothing but farm land. One fundamental point is that labor to build the home in this area is relatively cheap in comparison to other locations across the island. If you intend to buy house Jamaica Westmoreland then you need to have a few things readily at your disposal. The most important being the appraisal. An experienced valuator is the most important person you need when closing a transaction for a property purchase.

This valuator should know the recent sales and can spot the trends. Trends in Jamaica real estate fall into three categories; sales, estimated market value (EMV) and demand for property. For any investor to be successful he or she must know all the trends for the community where the land acquisition must be made. A negative side to any of these trends can mean real problems in both the long and short term. Locations such as Sheffield, Little London, Grange Hill and Friendship are prime for buying cheap land in Westmoreland, Jamaica. These areas are starved for most tourist activity and hence as a result the property prices have taken a beating.

What is of even more importance is that the demand for these properties have fallen considerably, driving the prices down even further. Until there returns some strong demand then the prospect of land being available at a relative low cost will not change. These properties are excellent for retirees to build on and a luxury home can be quickly erected.
Commercial land for sale in Westmoreland Jamaica can really be found closer to the major town of Savanna-la-mar.

As this is where most of the commercial activity takes place it is known that these properties can yield excellent returns in rental income. Despite the fact that most people don’t view this as fact, others are benefiting from the trend that exists with this boom in commercial activity. Unfortunately with this rise has also come a sharp increase in criminal activity, a woeful situation that the security forces are grappling to contend with. However this has not dampened the exiting prospects for realty in the area.

Like property acquisition across the island most people are struggling to cope with external costs. These include stamp duty, transfer tax and the fees charged by the attorney Westmoreland Jamaica. These normally amount to 0.5% of the sale price of the property. In some cases this can be a substantial amount, specifically when the price exceeds JMD$20,000,000. Using a lawyer is not legally mandatory, however it is vital that any unseasoned investor have a Jamaican barrister at his disposal to ensure that the sales agreement is written on law and there are no loop holes that can cause problems in the future.

With a good team you can make prudent decisions when buying property in Westmoreland Jamaica. The team members must consist of: Construction workers, landscaper, property appraiser, attorney, real estate agent, interior designer and collections agent. In the group construction will include mason works, electrical, painting, tiling, roofing, plumbing and other essentials. With this mastermind group any investor should be able to make sound and solid investments.

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